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Tempered Glass


Considered a safety glass, it is four to five times more resistant than normal glass due to thermal or chemical treatments that increase its resistance. This is achieved when float glass is gradually heated to the softening point (between 1,067 and 1,175 °F) and then cooled very quickly with air. Glass is thereby exposed to compressive stresses on its surface and tensile stresses on the inside, granting it greater structural resistance and impact than untreated glass, with the additional advantage that, in the event of breakage, it fragments into very small pieces. It must be noted that every custom cutting, edging or drilling one intends to perform on the glass must be made prior to tempering.

Shower door frames, facades, access doors, refrigerators, oven doors, domes, bulkheads, tabletops, handrails, urban furniture, etc. Wherever one seeks wind resistance, impact resistance, physical safety, tensile strenght.

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